Men’s Intimate Hygiene

Men and women have been talking about their hygiene habits for years. This is not as recent as you think. The earliest records of hygiene in humans date back to the Paleolithic era when people lived in small family units. Men and women had to share the same bathroom, which explains some of the misconceptions around men’s personal grooming.

Men’s grooming habits in the past were more about shaving their faces and bodies, but now the image that men want to portray to the world is completely different. Men are no longer concerned with having clean shave heads and chests. Most men are not concerned about removing body hair on a regular basis. So, if a man wants to avoid being labeled as gay or having his penis chopped off by a tribal ritual head to toe, he will do what it takes to keep his body clean.

However, the media have created an image that men are somehow unclean, which leads them to do things that they might not normally do. This is one of the reasons why women are comfortable talking about intimate matters without feeling too much shame. However, men might feel some guilt at having disregarded their parents’ advice when they were younger. Men should not feel guilty about using a razor over a boyhood prank. It’s not like killing a cow.

There are other myths around men’s grooming habits that are just as disturbing. One myth talks about how men who shave their backs are somehow unclean because the sweat will drip down onto their balls. Yes, that’s a scary thought, but men who shave their backs actually use the shaved area to spread the bacteria. Yes, that’s also a scary thought.

Other myths talk about men who use body lotion to prevent sweating. Well, that’s another myth. As a matter of fact, people who use body lotion to reduce their sweating are doing so because they have the wrong approach to solve the problem. If you want to stop sweating, you should get rid of the root causes. Try to solve your body condition and see what happens.

There is no need for anyone to feel shame about their body, especially men. The truth is, it’s actually more beneficial to treat your body right this time rather than simply covering up the symptoms. A little knowledge can go a long way in dealing with men’s intimate hygiene problems.


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